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Planning for future puppy....

I'm not going to be getting another puppy until way later down the road (3-5 years). I have a two year old now, and I'm probably going to keep my five year old with my parents, because that is his home and he is very nervous in new environments, as well as the fear of people. I love him dearly, but I know that would be the best for him.

I know that I want to get another pup when Varick is older. I don't think it would hurt to start searching for breeders now. Get to know them and their dogs.
I know that I will be doing Schutzhund with this pup, and probably other sports, such as dock diving and agility. I will definitely want another male.
I'm considering WGWL or Czech lines. I'd like to find a good breeder in Missouri, so I can make regular visits.

Please feel free to give me suggestions or ask additional questions. I'll be more than happy to answer them.


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