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a HUGE milestone for Roxy and me

Roxy and I have been walking with 2 friends and their dogs every night for about 2 weeks...we had been walking on and off irregular but now have gotten into a routine.
We are walking the same path each night to get more of a routine down. Tonight out of the blue the unexpected happened we were walking I saw a small dog get away from it's owner and guess right where it would have been normal to start expecting the worst...but I kept my calm ....the little dog came right up to roxy with tail wagging and got itself all tangled up around Roxy's legs etc as the owner running frantically towards us. I was never as proud of Roxy's behavior as I was tonight. I'm not sure if it just caught her so off guard she didn't have time to react or if she and I are just getting better at dealing with freakish situations. I mean the best prepared person couldn't have seen this happened so fast. My 2 friends have more reactive dogs so they just kind of ushered theirs away while all of this was going on. I thanked them for their help afterwards * jokingly of course..I'm glad they pulled out of it*

anyhow I just wanted to brag on both of us...I think we both handled it very well but I am especially proud of Roxy!! Thanks for listening
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