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Unhappy Chasing Chickens!

I recently was finally able to bring my own little bundle of GSD joy home and make her part of my family. Little Maya is 12 weeks old and her little ears are just starting to stand on their own! Anyway, we have 12 free-range chickens and 3 free-range ducks on our acreage. Little Maya, being the puppy that she is, likes to chase and "play" with them...meaning we almost had a chicken casualty and very close calls with our ducks. I want to be able to let Maya run outside without having to be leashed or locked in. How can I teach her to not kill my chickens and ducks? I really would like to get a good handle on this now so we don't have problems with her when she's older. She also seems to have difficultly with the command "come"...very much unlike our lab who is a natural at "come". When something has Maya's attention (a duck/chicken) I can never get her to stop chasing them(I've tried yelling, clapping, ect.) and come to me...and it's very hard to catch her (fast little bugger!) How can I teach her to "stop" and improve her come?
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