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Right time to get a GSD

Hi all,

I've been researching about the breed for some time now and I've loved every encounter I've had with this breed and now I'm looking to get one of my own. I'm 25 and looking to move out within the next 6 months and I'll be living alone so I'd love to have a companion with me.

I've grown up with a border collie, who was an incredible animal and probably the brightest I've ever met. Unfortunately he passed a few years back and I've been holding off my urge to get a dog of my own for about a year now but I'm unsure if this is the right time? The dog will get exercise as I plan on going running with him and having him accompany me when I go hiking and etc. My only issue is how much will it affect him/her growing up in an apartment? I've read mixed reviews but ultimately I believe it comes down to the owner and how much attention, training, and love the dog receives. I believe I can handle the dog and all its responsibilities as keeping a border collie entertained and learning how to train him was good training for me.

Please give me all your thoughts.
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