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Taking a step forward is teaching him he can be a foot away from you...I disagree with the trainer. Instead.....have someone hold him back while you tease him up with a ball... call him to you, swing a ball or tug around and put the ball or tug under your chin as he's coming in. Or raise it up at the last few steps of him coming in with the command hier sit. Reward in the tight position.
A few recalls like that should have him coming in tight.

If he's coming in slow, let him take the reward as he's running to you. Pretend you want him to front, but turn at the last moment and let him run thru as he grabs the toy. Run away from the dog as well, turn at the last few steps and face him(trial picture) so he either can front or run thru. Change it up so he isn't always doing the same thing.
I'd take a step back always, never move into the dog for the recall/front.
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