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Proud Daddy lol

I went to a nearby park today with Ace and he seem to be very alert today ! Mild prey drive .. he chased squirrel, birds and frogs. One time i unleashed him cause i always been curious if he would hear me when i call him while chasing something. So there was this bird making a lot of noise that caught his attention so i took of the leash and he went straight at the bird. I called him when i feel like he is a little too far from me and he stopped , he looked at me then i call him again and he ran back.
I couldnt be anymore proud of him.

Also everytime i see people walking our way i'd tell him to sit and stay with me. He did just that.
His ears are up 80% of the time today.. its just a great day. I needed this day cause so many things going on and he had stomach issue last week.

Ace Von Backyard 3/12/2014
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