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Eagerly Waiting for Puppy

After months of research, multiple breeder visits, and discussions and I have made a deposit on a Schraderhaus female that I will be picking up in the beginning of August. The litter was born June 9th and I am beyond excited. The last two weeks have gone by so slow and I am sure the next seven will as well too. I am not a first time GSD owner but this will be my first working line GSD so I have been in deep conversations with the breeder to ensure my family is matched with the correct litter (already done) and then ensuring we get the right pup. I went into the process not having a gender preference and taking the breeders recommendation. We were the #2 deposit on 4 females so you could say we have the #2 pick, but I am going to go with the girl that she thinks is best match for us.

We are interested in working her in some sort of nose work and am still wading through k9 Nose Works, AKC Tracking, IPO Tracking, and Search and Rescue. I've read conflicting opinions on the ability to do different styles of nose work but am talking to different trainers and nearby SAR teams and reading as much as possible learning about the differences and training requirements for each.

I am on this dang site everyday reading as much as possible to try to curb some of my eagerness. I impatiently refresh the litter page of the breeder hoping new pictures will be posted. My wife probably thinks I am crazy. I am not one who has a large understanding on pedigrees, and the history of certain lines but if anyone is curious, here it is.

Line-breeding for the progency of V Dino vom Schäferliesel and Ingka von Schraderhaus

Anyway, I just wanted to share with the forum.
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