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Delgado was the only bicolour in a little of sables. I wanted a sable SO badly and honestly didn't even look at him when I visited the first time. The second visit the litter was 5 weeks old and the breeder pointed out three pups she was considering for me and the bicolour was one of them, I held and played with each one and one of the sable pups I discarded in my mind which left me with the other two. They were both identical in temperament at the visit and the only difference was the colouring.

I spent the next two weeks thinking hard about those two puppies and weighing my options. One was exactly what I liked in all aspects and the other was everything except for the right colour. At the 7 week mark I visited again and we took the litter outside to play in the yard. The bicolour ran around with the siblings here and there but always was one of the first to obey the recall and kept trying to engage me with eye contact and physical contact multiple times. The more I looked at him the more I fell in love with what was inside him.

The breeder and I talked about both pups but neither of us committed to one in particular as the breeder hadn't officially tested them yet. At this point I officially changed my mind and the bicolour became my favourite of the puppies though I knew whichever puppy I had would be a good match. A few days after the visit she sent me three photos of the bicolour with the caption "Luka (puppy name) says hi" and I wasn't sure if that was a sign or not so I sent back a positive note and hoped for the best. When I arrived at 9 weeks to pick him up I still wasn't positive which dog I would be getting and when she came around the corner with the bicolour in her arms my heart just sang

If you asked me at any point up to the 5th week mark whether I would be content with a bicolour I would have hesitated or even said no. Delgado won me over and now bicolours are officially my favourite even trumping sables though they are a close second

In the end it's your decision to make, don't get a puppy for the sake of getting A puppy. If you don't believe she would be a good fit then I would back away, but if you trust the breeder and would be willing to overlook the coat colour you may find a wonderful dog underneath that you would be heartbroken to live without.

Either way you are not a bad person and it's not an easy choice, go with the one that feels best

Just my two cents


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