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Heya guys

Hey guys,

I've been a member for a while but not really been too active here.

So hello to all :-)

Buddy my gsd is 4 years old and we have had him from the age of three months.
I would like to ask your opinion on certain behaviours. He knows sit stay, leave it etc and generally good natured. He plays pretty rough with me and is sometimes hard to get him to stop playing when the mouthing gets hard. He frequently rolls over and shows me his chest and obeys commands most of the time but always when I lower my voice and growl.

When my wife goes to sleep he will sleep in the same room as her, but when I come to bed he will leave and sleep downstairs. In the morning he will be backing the bedroom asleep. He will stay in the bedroom even after I've left for work and wait for my wife to wake up before leaving the bedroom.

My wife, Ally is 23 weeks pregnant and I'm a little worried about how our baby and buddy will get along. I trust him but also there's a small part that does not if that makes sense.

Guess I'm just looking to understand buddy more, maybe some of you guys can help though what I've said about his behaviour.

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