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Thanks...we'll see the vet tomorrow and see what he says.

I guess my main concern is that with every other pup we've had, they've gotten MORE active and crazy around this age. But Hans is kind of acting like an old man. He'll go out and play and run around, but then he comes home and sleeps for hours. A few months ago, he'd come home and then still run around the house trying to wreak havoc. Now he does have a dog walker who takes him out for an hour at lunch with he pack and he gets to go off leash on her property so I know that he runs around a ton then and plays with the dogs and just loves it. So maybe he's more tired than our other dogs who used to be crated all day.

I just don't like how tired he seems after exercise and how long it takes him to stand up from a lying down position. I used to think that it was because we have hardwood throughout the house but I'm noticing he's slow to get up on grass and other surfaces as well.

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