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Going away for 3 months. Pet Sitter or Boarding?

I will start travelling between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii starting April 2015.

I have my home in Hawaii where I live with my 90-lb GSD "Ruger" and my cat. I also have a condo in Virginia.

After 7 years in paradise, I am having to back to work in Virginia and I hope to spend 2-3 months at a time back at my home in Hawaii (2-3 months in winter, 1-2 months in summer) between contract work.

The quarantine laws and high cost of bringing pets between Hawaii and the mainland makes it hard for me to do unless I'm going to stay in Hawaii for more than 3 months.

My question is: For a 2-3 month period, is my dog better off in Virginia with a pet sitter who comes by the condo once a day for 30 minutes and takes him for a walk and feeds/plays with him, or is he better off boarded at a kennel? I also have family in the area who would probably spend a day or two a week with the pets and I could probably convince a few of my pet-friendly friends to stop by and visit the pets too, in addition to the sitter.

In Hawaii, I have a nice home, friends, and ties to the place where I've lived for 7 years, so I want to come back whenever I can, but I can't realistically bring my pets back and forth.

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