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Puppy troubles

I have a 7 1/2 month old German Shepherd, he is mostly good with my husband, but with me he picks what he wants to listen to and I always have bite and scratch marks all over me. We have done very basic obedience classes, and he does well as long as he gets a reward with basic commands. I can yell "leave it" from across the room and unless its one of our cats he will walk away. The biggest problem is that I can give him attention for 3 hours straight but if I try to do anything that doesn't involve him he starts biting my legs, feet, arms, and clothes and starts barking at me when I say "OW" or "NO." If I push him off he bites harder so recently I have started going into another room and closing the door, we have done bite inhibition and he does not bite my husband, just me. Another problem occurs when I'm sitting on the couch. He loves his ball and he brings it to me to throw which I don't mind doing but he basically steps on me and shoves the ball in my face. I can't figure out how to get him to drop the ball on command. He will drop other things when I say "drop it" but if he really wants an item he won't and if it's small enough he will even swallow it. We keep the main area of our house where he's allowed picked up so there isn't anything that he could get that could harm him for that reason. We also are looking for suggestions on how to get him to leave the cats alone. Our one cat doesn't have claws so he will basically treat him like a toy which is pretty easy since this cat will just lay down instead of trying to run. The other cat does have claws so Koda will let go if he gets smacked but then he will just sit a foot away from the cat and bark. The only way to stop the fighting is to lock the cats up in our bedroom all day. They only get to free roam when koda is put in his crate for bed. I have a month off work since we are moving so I am willing to take the time to train him, but I am having trouble getting past those basic commands.

Thank you
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