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The danger of video..

I was reflecting on this topic while at the club yesterday watching a couple of younger males being worked by the helper. I have seen these dogs as pups and watched their progression
Both dogs bite like alligators, have piles of prey drive are good sport dogs. Not great but decent. Niether dog is stud or top sport material just very average.
However, the prey drive they both have make them look very good if you arent aware of all the subtleties in their progression.

Ironically the one dog that is more sound in the nerve dept will probably score lower in the protection phase then his counterpart due to some small subtleties in the bitework.

Anyways, I was thinking that I could easily shoot a rocking vid of the dogs doing line bites, striking and gripping, being driven, B&H etc. They would look very good and I could say top sport, extreme, all the usual catch phrases.

For those of us who browse the classifieds and see all the young dogs being sold with vid for big $$ this is food for thought. I know I am sometimes tempted to pull the trigger.
Its always said that you cant trust vid but this really brought it home for me.
Makes you wonder how many of these average or below dogs are being sold as top quality sport/stud prospects. Id say about 99%.

UNdoubtedly with the right handler both dogs could probably do ok at the reagional level. One would probably be suitable for PP or LE work however I would not pay what these dogs would easily fetch on the open market.

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