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Sigh...biking mishap..."spray question"

So I have really been enjoying biking with my boy. We just do some laps around the neighborhood & it really helps him to relax. Today however we had a black lab and a smaller dog come charging after us.
At first I thought they would stop at a certain distance and kept peddling. As soon as I thought to myself that I need to stop, I ended up falling with Dinozzo trying to dodge their snaps. I think I partially fell on him too so I really hope he is okay. Though he seems to be.
I yelled for them to go home before the fall but they didn't listen. Once I fell I was soo angry that I yelled again and they finally listed that time. A different neighbor came out to check on us as she heard me yelling.
I kinda know the people who live there as I grew up with them as neighbors. I messaged her on facebook of the incident & she was very apologetic. I have biked there so many times that I really do believe it was just a random accident.
However, I am so tired of dogs coming after us on walks and biking that I really am thinking of getting one of those sprays. Has anyone ever had to use one? Does it really deter them or is it likely just to make the situation worse/aggrivate them?

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