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Yep, I agree. I think it's important -- *especially* in a senior. I repeated the bloodwork regularly too with my senior. You actually need to do the bloodwork at least twice. The initial blood work tells you if the liver's already weak--in which case, this isn't the drug for her. Follow-up bloodwork tells you if the liver is tolerating it well (because the values in the bloodwork are hopefully unchanged).

This helps explain it -- note the heightened risk for seniors:
And more info about why the caution with NSAIDs:
Bottom line: it's highly effective drug, and like many highly effective drugs, there are some serious side effects that affect some but not all dogs, and your vet is working to make sure dog isn't one of them, and if it is, get it onto a different pain management protocol quickly! That's a good vet, to my thinking!

Please also look into whether Adequan injections might help give your senior some more quality of life time. There are lots of threads about them here, and your vet should be able to advise if your dog is a candidate. I've seen them work wonders -- they literally gave my last senior 2 more years of mobility and happiness, and my only regret is not knowing about them sooner. They do more than mask pain--they help regenerate cartilage to cushion the joint. They don't work for all dogs, but when they do, after 3 weeks, it can be dramatic. Mine went from slowly ambling behind me on walks, with a creaky, old gait, to jogging--he had pep in his step again!

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