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Question How do I introduce a cat to my 4 mo. old?

We acquired a cat this weekend... someone apparently dropped it off on the verge of starvation (stupid idiots).. and are trying to nurse it back to health. My 4 mo. old shepherd Athena is unsure that he should be allowed near me yet. She was growling with her hair up when the cat first approached me and now after a weekend of seeing me pet it and coming to her afterward for her to smell his scent and see that I am okay she is still barking at him but there is a tail wag and the hair is no longer up. Is she accepting him? I will not allow him to be in near the pups or in their area yet as it is too soon to traumatize him with a vet trip for a health check and shots. In the meantime is there anything else I can do to ease the acceptance of him as part of the family? For the most part he stays in the barn close to his food and water and only ventures out for brief and very skitish thank you for feeding me sessions. He does not appear to be afraid of the pups but stays clear of them when we are out working or playing.
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