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where would you be living that prong collars are banned? That would be my first
question. The trainer who taught me how to use that correctly made all the difference in the world for Roxy and me taking walks.
We have been walking every night too which I think is helping. We have a routine. She will pretty much ignore everything around us UNLESS people approach us..that's where we still need to work. Not quite as vocal as what you have going on...but Roxy does let people know she doesn't want them that close to us. In some ways that's not bad...but I want to be in control of that decision..not her.
I wish you could find somebody to work with. I do think moving may help. Geez I'd go bat s*it crazy if I had people in my garden too. But remember she's probably going to act up even more for awhile after a move. I wish you the best!!!

ps. ( edit) I see now where you live. They ban prong collars there?
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