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Aggression getting worse!

I've been on here on and off for the last 6 months about my young GSD. She's reactive with dogs and we've been making good progress but over the last month or so she's got 100 times worse and I can't work out why. Her aggression is now being directed towards people.

If someone walks towards us she barks and lunges. As soon as she smells a person or dog she stiffens up, ears forward and hackles go up. I've been getting her to 'down stay' at the side as people approach and she's usual really good but if there is anything that lifts her excitement such as our other dog being present she is uncontrollable. And as for somebody stopping to speak to me......all **** breaks loose. Barking, lunging and frothing at the mouth. Today I was pulled over twice in one walk as she lunged at people. I've a massive cut on my neck where a lead and whistle got caught around my neck and I nearly choked. The whole walk ended with me incredibly embarrassed and in tears.
She has been very well socialised with people and up until recently has been great but I'm not sure how much more I can cope with because I can't work out how to deal with this or where it's come from.
She's been stuck in the house a lot recently and I wondered if that could be part of the problem. We live next door to a hotel and don't have a fenced garden so people keep appearing in the garden and round the house. We're moving in 10 days to somewhere quieter with a big fenced garden and I'm hoping that will help.

Any advice? I can't do e collars or prong collars, they're practically banned here and there are no trainers or behaviourist within a few hundred miles.

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