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They were guinea pigs in three different hutches, two were only baby animals we'd had a fortnight. The others were gorgeous much loved pets.

I don't think there is anything our neighbours can do to put this right. They aren't expensive pets to buy. I've lost a days' wages now (and probably tomorrows too) to care for my son (the ASD boy). He's also missed a really important meeting to do with his transition up to high school (I can't get him to uncurl at all, let alone communicate) and the college he is supposed to be attending can't now rearrange this before the end of term.

I've no idea where the owners were - we weren't here ourselves. Apparantly their 12 yr old 'found them' (assuming she hadn't got them out in the first place). I suspect they were out and left her in charge of the dog, whether or not she was in our garden
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