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yep I am in the UK. I understand an animal has instincts I'm not blaming the dog, per se - I'm blaming the owners for not keeping it in a secure fashion. They are supposed to have replaced the 6 ft high fence, which is a requirement on these houses, pets or not.

Really offering to replace the pets is of no consequence or value to us. They can't undo the trauma to us as a family.

Interestingly the hutches aren't damaged at all, the food bowls and water bottles are exactly as we left them. I was also genuinely suprised a dog could open 3 fastenings (the owners tell me now the dog is capable of using door handles, so I suppose that's not beyond the realms of possiblilty). However, I am suprised about the seeming lack of disturbance - not even the sawdust is as much as ruffled, no scratch or bite marks on the wood.

I *think* what really happened is their daughter came over whilst we were away to look at the baby animals we had , opened the hutches or took them out & the dog heard her in our garden and came over, and she wasn't able to stop him. I can't see how the dog would have managed to open ALL the hutches and not leave as much as a trace of it.

I suspect that's what's happened and they've lied about it because they don't want us to be cross with her (though she shouldn't have been in our garden either)

It's never, ever got into our garden before, although I have always worried about it.

I'm convinced they are lying.

We are too traumatised by the horrific death of our pets to consider getting new ones, despite their offer just to ''nip down the pet shop and get us another couple''
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