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my neighours GSD has killed all our pets

hello, sorry just asking for advice. Our neighbours keep a GSD. Their fence lost two panels in the storms last Feb, they rang us up on the day it happened saying ''we know it's our fence, don't worry we'll get it sorted etc''.

Anyhow, weeks went past - then the delivery driver let them down, then they were waiting for nicer weather, then they were waiting for a public holiday so they'd have more time to do it & c & c - you get the picture - lots of talk ''no, don't worry mate, I have the panels on order'', ''I haven't forgotton I'm fixing the fence'' and no action - it's their fence but the only thing that stopped me fixing it myself a fortnight ago was their absolute insistance that they most definitely had the materials now and would do it at the weekend

Anyway the upshot is, 5 months down the line, their GSD managed to get into our garden whilst we were on holiday (we only went for two days) and killed all our children's pets (which were hutched). We'd long since stopped putting our pets out in their run because we were worried if the dog got through it could tip over the run, but we (niavely, as it turns out, not being dog owners ourselves) didn't think that the dog would be able to get into all the hutches.

We are beyond distraught. Our ASD son has curled into the foetal position and will not communicate with any of us at all. My daughter is supposed to be sitting significant exams today, and the 5 yr old is inconsolable.

I am SO angry. It's one thing if a dog exploits a gap, or if the wind had blown down the fence in the night and no one knew - but they had 5 months to sort this out, and we've asked on many, many occasions.

Apparantly the complete massacre of our family pets has given them a ''wake up call'' and they will now actually do something about the fence.

So, how would you guys handle this if it were your dog? I'm not familiar with GSDs at all. I am so angry with the owner.

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