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Originally Posted by beccagv View Post
She's a gorgeous pup, we just wanted to get some opinions because a family friend is intrested in having her as a potential mate for her GSD. Please take a look and let's know what you think!

Thanks a bunch!
Mate as in breeding? Please please please don't do that if that was what you were implying. Even if she was pure, breeding should be left to those who have both a great depth of knowledge of proper breeding practices and genetics as well as registered sires and dams that have proven their health and temperament through sports and titling.

Without the background and knowledge you need to breed, you would just be another backyard breeder either adding puppies to the population that will likely add to the millions of pets euthanized every year in shelters across the country or will propagate bad breeding practices that destroy the integrity of the breed we all love.
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