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Default Wolf Hybrid maybe

We rescued a Husky wolf hybrid stray from traffic on a hot HWY yesterday. It was a narrow escape for him. He was trotting on the shoulder on hot pavement and stopped when I called him and to my great surprise he came. Thanks to people living along the road who stopped traffic, and the drivers who stopped, I was able to slip a martingale over his neck and he willingly jumped in the car next to my crated DDog, who didn't react at all (*proud, proud of my pup). I was pleasantly surprised. It was the sweetest, calmest dog ever. No signs of shyness, abuse or aggression, travels nicely and appreciated being driven in a cool (as in temperature) car. A neutered male, appr. 5 years old. Definite plenty of wolf in him but in his behavior I couldn't detect it. He was well fed, moderately neglected (long nails, dirty ears and a dull coat)
I took him to a shelter where he was identified with a chip. They were legally required to take him so I couldn't take him home. So far hasn't been claimed. I put a hold on him for fostering and possibly adopting him if things go well here. It clicked instantly and I miss him now.
I realize you have to be careful what to ask for; I have always admired the hybrids but never pursued one due to the hybrid issues and the small chance of finding one that will be mostly "dog" in behavior.
I am zigzagging between excitement and feeling "OMG, don't do anything stupid".
I'll leave it up to the universe or whoever is in charge of this stuff.
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