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very loose stool .. Help please

Hey guys last night when i got home i found Ace pooped in his crate then i took him out he pooped again. Then when i was cleaning his crate he pooped again.. the stool is really watery...

I took him home with me so i can take care of him better and so that my co woker doesnt have to deal with the hassle.
This morning i took him out first thing when i woke up and it was like a pudding and came out really easy just one time. i took him back up and 5 minutes he wanted to go again . I took him out and he potty but really lose.

There is nothing in the stool no blood no black stuff nothing unusual .. same with the urine.

I fed him arround 9 am then take him to the park and he pooped 2 times and very loose .

He doesnt lose appetite , still hyper as usual so i dont know whats going on. All i think of is that i changed his kibble recently.
Now im just feeding him the old one.

All i been doing for now is i gave him a table spoon of pumpkin at noon and mix pedialyte in his drink.

Advice and suggestion pls

Ace Von Backyard 3/12/2014
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