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Default Board and train, does it work

I saw two dogs that were boarded and trained. I saw them with their owners, not the trainers. Nothing impressive

I'm sure a good trainer can train my dog and have him be perfect. But I'm also sure that once he's back with me - he will go back to his old ways.

If i can't train him then I won't be able to learn to upkeep his training either. If I had to send him away then that probably means I don't have the time, the ability, the interest or the patience to train him myself. I don't see how that would change once he's back

What are your thoughts?

Also, is it possible that a b&t facility uses mostly or any positive methods? I'd think that they're short on time so they'd need to use more force or even all force.

Looking for an interesting discussion. I'd never b&t my dog so this is not something I need help deciding on.

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