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Anyone else ever fall on their face?

Because I hope I am not the only one lol.

Today the trainer changed it up on me. We were going to try to get Leia to move in a circle with the sleeve to convince her to keep a hold of it longer. Her defense drive is insanely off the charts and we have been working on getting her prey higher. He's leaving next weekend for school upstate and won't be around as much. Trying to get as much training as I can in lol.

So the idea was when he dropped the sleeve to keep her moving in a circle. Circle away didn't help. She dropped the sleeve and was watching him. So we started to circle around him so that she kept moving but was looking at him. It definitely was adding more for me to think about, which I hadn't really needed to do in awhile.

So when I was attempting to think about keeping tension on the leash as we walked to keep her holding strong on the bite, I forgot that I have feet. And they are supposed to go next to one another rather than on top of one another. -.-

My left leg is not really good. It's had a few different injuries and I can't move it very quickly. So when that foot is the one that steps on the good foot, I end up landing smack on my face lol. Well knee to hip to elbow to face. The leash lost all its slack, but thankfully the trainer is really good and kept her occupied as I peeled myself up from the grass. If it hadn't been grass I would be likely in way more pain. However my right shoulder is my bad one, so it is rather mad at me.

Anyone else take a big spill? >> I can't be the only klutz...
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