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Hello everyone

I never got a chance to introduce myself. I am the proud owner of a 3 month old tomorrow, GSD. I am very happy about my Wolfie, though we have gone through some health issues immediately once I got him I am hoping that he will be totally fine now that we got him his shots, as well as a new dewormer for his specific worms.

I was already training him but because he needs to be on an ID diet I am wondering how I can train him without the use of treats, I have been using positive reinforcement. I'm hoping he responds to that as well.

I would like to get him into a training class after he has all tertiary of his shots.

If anyone has any suggestions for Woflie for a trainer or just wants to help a new owner to the breed, you can always IM me or talk to me in this thread.

Thanks for everyone that has reached out and helped so far.

I hope to continue to do what I need to do with Wolfie. So that he can grow up to be big and strong.
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