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Observation at the dog park ...moved to stories

I always say I wouldn't bring my GSD's there or a small puppy and I still won't, but I did visit one today with my year old golden. It has a large accessible pond so separation amongst the dogs is easy to do. It also has a dry area connected to it that has some agility equipment for the dogs. I'm not a fan of going when crowded and it happened not to be today. I found most of the people to be on top of things and watch out for all the dogs. My boy favored the older labs and smaller dogs. Everyone was throwing balls for whatever dogs were waiting and three of us were in the pond(yes I was in the pond). My pup was able to bring another pup out of its shell and get her playing. The problems I seen? There were three GSD's there. The huge long coated one was a stalker and focused on certain dogs(never mine because I didn't give him a chance) The owner couldn't get him unfocused and that was because the same owner had another dog(golden retriever, maybe a mix) that was growling at dogs within 10 feet of her. She would swim to get her toy and growl with if in her mouth the whole way back. I don't think that either of those dogs belonged there. Then there was a white GSD, that one minded its own business and behaved perfectly. Then we have another female GSD that had her favorite toy and was correcting any dogs that came near her, luckily they all retreated or were just running past her anyway. The issue with that one you ask? The owner did not correct the dog and thought it was okay for the dog to growl at other dogs . I overheard her response which was, no one goes near her favorite toy. I walked away and kept quiet but kept my eye on that one. So really it was an okay experience but the owners are still a problem IMO.

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