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Aggression or Play?

We have a 16mo old female GSD, (not spayed). We've had her since 8wks. She's the sweetest girl and has been socialized with people, children and other dogs. Great manners and always poised with a quiet nature. I'm wondering if she's growing into her protective tendencies or showing aggression. Our neighborhood is full of dogs, large and small and she loves to play and socialize when we're on walks, greets everyone with great manners. There is one female husky (2yrs old) that she enjoys to rough house, and I've noticed that each time they greet, my GSD tends to growl, bark, and show her upper k9, along with the hair between her shoulder blades stand on end. They both go at this for a good 10min and then play as usual. She never does this with other male dogs, big or small around the neighborhood or anywhere else. I'm wondering if this is a female to female dynamic or just the other dogs' provocation.
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