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Looking for Advice

Hi everyone! I have had Bryce since he was 8 weeks old and he will be 11 weeks this coming Tuesday. I'm a first time shepherd owner and was wondering if someone would look over how me and puppy are doing and offer any advice please.

Bryce has slept through the night in his crate without any accidents since day 1. I'm very lucky lol We walk him outside to his "spot" before and after every nap, playtime, and meal. He goes to the back door sometimes to let us know he has to go but usually we take him out before he has to do this. Every once in a while he will have an accident in the house. We never punish or yell, we just pick him up and take him to his spot. I'm assuming an accident every once in a while is just because he's still so young?

He, for the most part, knows sit, stay, come, lay down, up and will chase after a thrown ball for fetch but rarely brings it back.

He is crated while me and my husband eat and then eats after us. As soon as I put the bowl down he eats the entire thing and then the food bowl is removed after he is done. He has access to water up until a couple hrs before bedtime. I am giving him about 3 cups total of food a day that is rationed to 3xs a day.

He is teething so he tries to bite on everything. We have plenty of chew toys and he's really good at listening to "leave it" when he goes for something other than a toy. We are trying to teach him bite inhibition. If he bites us and it even remotely comes close to pressure we say ouch and pull away for a few seconds. He seems to be getting it because he is becomming more and more gentle with us and we will be slowly weaning him off of any biting towards us.

I think our biggest problem is leash walking. He goes for 2 walks a day, one in the morning, one at night for about 10-15 min each. Half the walk is does well at our side but the other half consists of him cowering from cars that go by, trying to get to the people walking across the street, trying to cross in front of us, or trying to pull ahead. We say "good boy" during good walking and stop for healing and hold the leash tight next to us when he pulls. Just wondering if and how long leash training may take and if we're doing the right thing?

He has seen a vet and is healthy. Once he has all of his vaccines and I can introduce him to other dogs, is there any advice you can give to how to go about that?

Thank you for reading Considering his age, any advice or suggestions on his behavior and how we are doing would be greatly appreciated!
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