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Unhappy Seizures

My dog Buddy is 7 years old. Last Tuesday night he had his first "episode" which we have came to the conclusion now was a seizure. He had lost all control of his bodily functions, and was kicking vigorously, when the seizure was over he was disoriented, and extremely thirsty. At one point before he had regained full consciousness he was growling and showing his teeth to myself, and my father. That is NOT like Buddy at all. So the vet said to monitor his behavior incase it was heat induced. So almost a week and a half went by and yesterday he had another one that lasted about 5 minutes. Same thing as before, disoriented, urination, and extreme thirst, but this time without the aggression. We called our vet and we will be taking him on Monday. So I went to bed and was woke up to him kicking the walls, he had another seizure at 3:30 A.M. I am so terrified that we are going to have to put him down. I have never been on any of these sites, but I read that Seizures is common in Shepherds, so I was hoping that maybe I could possibly gain some helpful feedback.
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