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Neutering and males getting along

Hi all,

Due to terrible circumstances I am adding another dog to our pack. My father passed away recently and my mom is going through a very tough time. She loves Dagon very much but due to difficult circumstanes and until she is a bit more stabilized, my hubby and I will take Dagon the GSD to our place. Our family decided it will be the best choice right now. I have 2 dogs currently, a westie and a shihpoo. The westie is a bit dog aggressive with certain new dogs, so we started introducing them slowly. Both the westie and the GSD are males and both are dominant. We got them to a point where they could be in the same area in the yard or house and they do not try to fight, but I do not feel comfortable leaving them unattended, since they will show signs of dominance towards eachother and I am terrified of either one getting hurt. They just don't seem to relax around eachother at all. The GSD is NOT neutered and I have a surgery scheduled in a couple of weeks. I have heard from several people that having an unaltered male dog with an altered dog will cause more unnecessary tension. Does anyone know how true this is? I wonder how much of a difference it will make in helping them get along once Dagon is neutered?
Also, I didnt mention the shihpoo. She is a sweet. happy go lucky little submissive female that just gets along with everyone and there hasnt been a problem with her at all..
Basically after all this babble, I was just curious if it makes a difference if a male dog is neutered or not when it comes to other males?
Thank you in advance
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