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Thx I appreciate the help. Whats killing me is that im moving to a different state next month and so far the closest club is about 45 mins away. Ive emailed both and havent received any response. Im going to end up having to call them and hopefully get more info. She loves when we train I use the treat method and shes very focused. As far as the "fuss" im having a hard time figuring out how to go about to get her to come and sit by my side. I get how to train for the position when walking. Also she actually started to get the understanding of "oust" when we play tug or,ball she'll release the toy when I keep my hand still and at times ill have to repeat the command but she gets immediate praise and play when she releases. She also kind of retrieves ill throw a ball or toy and give the command to "brring" she'll come back with the toy but right when she gets close she turns away. For me to not grab it. I just dont want to stay stagnant and not do any training for a while till we get to a club.
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