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Angry So mad I could cry!

I have been working hard with Dude. Thundershirt, behaviorist/trainer 2x a week. Socialization 1x a week and Petsmart class 1x a week. He has been making great progress. Yesterday my husband had a friend over and he was outside playing with Tasha while they chatted. Yea! Progress.

Today I'm in Petsmart with Dude trying on Thundershirts because he has worn a hole right through his. I was pretty sure he needed the next size up but I wanted to make sure it wasn't too big. We are off to the side away from people and I've got my arms wrapped around him trying to do up the velcro when some jerk comes up. I said he is fearful please stay back. This guy reaches over stuffs his hand right in Dudes face and says whats the matter boy don't you wanna sniff my dogs.

I don't know if Dude felt my annoyance or just didn't like having a hand stuffed in his face while trying on Thundershirts but he gave out a low growl. The guy backed off and rather than comfort my dog like an idiot I tell him no. (**** it, it wasn't his fault) anyway the guy turns away with a grin on his face. I feel like he got exactly the reaction he was trying for.

Gosh I really hate people sometimes!
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