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Which path to take?

Recently I was asked what exactly it is I want to do with Vader. The Chief asked if I wanted to do Cadaver or Air Scent. I wanted to ask the more experienced what their opinions are. I'm interested in Cadaver, but I also think Vader might be good at trailing. We previously had a dog that was trailing before the handler left the team.

I'm still a Rookie and inexperienced but we also just got a request for K9 water teams. I'm sure these are questions I could ask the team, but being a younger girl they already treat me differently so here go my questions:

How do I tell what exactly he'd be good at and what would be good for us as a team? When we are training he rarely keeps his head up and mostly glues it to the ground with minimal head lifts to change direction.

Would a dog that is obsessed with water and swimming be good at water rescue?

I feel like I should know this after a year of attending functions and team meetings, however it's been difficult to get my feet under me to get a running start.
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