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Dewormers are very species-specific. Tapes can also require multiple rounds of deworming. If you've got tapes, you likely also have fleas as fleas transmit them. Even if they're not jumping off, look very carefully on the dog's tummy and inner thighs for black specks that look like pepper (flea dirt--the telltale sign).

Once your vet does a fecal test, ask your vet about whether you need a script for Drontal Plus (RX only, from your vet). It's expensive ($30-50 for one dose), but it works. It's way, way better than OTC stuff you get on your own--our vet uses it often in rescue, and it takes care of them in one dose usually, even with bad worm loads.

You shouldn't have to wait for results til Monday on the fecal sample -- they just need to have a vet tech put it on a slide and pop it under a microscope. It's an in-house, 5-minute thing usually. It shouldn't need to be sent out. We usually can get dewormer same-day from our vet.

ETA: while he's there, I'd be tempted to have them run a test for tick-borne diseases too...

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