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14 Week Puppy Barking at People

I have a puppy that's 14 weeks old, and she has started barking at everyone that walks by the house, especially if they have a dog with them.

The main problem is at my dad's cabin. Its in a small community where people walk around and ride gold carts. The cabin is fairly close to the road and people drive fairly slow so cars aren't really an issue. The barking is fine to let me know that people are out there, but I would like to know how to get her to stop barking when I tell her to. The constant barking also rallies up her (big) sister to go and investigate who used to be very good about ignoring people walking by. Her sister is very friendly, but some people are just scared of dogs. I think if the barking stopped, her sister wouldn't feel like she needed to go and check everything out.


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Sally with her (big) sister Sadie
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