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Hello from Texas

Hello, everyone!

I stumbled upon y'all's forum a while back looking up some information about GSDs. Growing up I had a white GSD named Alex, and my parents adopted a GSD named Duke when I was in college. I've always loved their personalities and everything about them. I just bought a house a while back and feel like I finally have the space for a dog.

Last night I got a GSD named Miranda. She's a senior dog (about 10 years), but she is super sweet and is okay with my four cats (I am also a crazy cat lady). I'm taking her to the vet today for a check up. I know she has some arthritis and moves a little slower than a younger dog, but I'm looking forward to caring for her and making her senior years as comfortable and happy as possible. She seems to be adjusting well so far though she has been crying/whining some which is to be expected being in a new home.
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