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Training derailed by "dog whisperer" FIL

Need to vent: Me and Steve are working on getting Sookie to stop barking and jumping up on people she likes - I've posted about this before, gotten great advice, and its going well (but slowly due to lack of practice).

We have explained to steve's dad that when he comes into our house he should not give Sookie commands, and that we will do that, and that the goal is for her to remain calm, etc., he simply DOES NOT listen to us.

He comes in when, Sookie gets excited, but instead of doing as we have asked, he immediately (every time - even if she is just excitedly sniffing at him and not jumping) starts shouting "sit! Sit! Sit!" over and over while sort of wrestling with her collar to try and force her away from him or into a sit. Clearly this just riles her up and she associates him coming in with excited play.

I've explained our methods, I've explained he shouldn't repeat commands anyway, I've said he is riling her up. He seriously thinks he is the dog whisperer and that because his 14-year-old border collie who has arthritis doesn't jump then clearly he is an expert in getting dogs to not jump up. He is a super lovely guy but this is driving me insane. I feel we have both said in every possible and clear way that he needs to stop this and why. He simply doesn't think he does and believes that he is some incredible dog trainer whose magic touch will "cure" Sookie. He frequently says how insane she is, and how hyper, etc - I know she has more energy than most dogs but she is also ridiculously smart and really well-trained in many ways - so it riles me up when he says this whilst egging her on to misbehave (i know he isn't doing it on purpose but it just annoys me to hear him call her crazy and hyper while shouting at her and wrestling with her collar! - of course this winds her up!).

Arrrrghhhh!!!! Anyone else have this? How can we possibly be clearer? Driving me nuts...
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