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GSD 6yr old digestive Stomach issues> NEED HELP


I have a 6 yr old German Shepherd Maxemus. He is a beautiful dog from a great breed line. Unfortunately I have had chronic digestive issues with him for a very long time.

He gets chronic diarrhea or soft stool and it lasts for a long while. He goes through rough weight fluctuations because of the diarrhea. He will eat a full bowl of food only for it to come out of him. He doesn't hold his weight.

His vet and i have tried some many different medical things over the years to help with his stool, from antibiotics to steroids to tylan powder to glutamine. Even trying to put him on probiotics but it all seems to only temporarily help. His stool would harden only for a few weeks later to be complete liquid. Its hard to see. He would put on great weight when his stool hardens but looses it all with his issues.

When he was younger i used to give him, in addition to his kibble, table food or treats. I have now, for about a year or so, stopped giving anything except for his kibble.

He has been on a grain free diet for years, i would say four years. I started him on Wellness grain free but he has now been on Natural Balance fish and sweet potato diet for the past two years.

I just don't know what to do anymore and the vet bills are racking up only to leave me a mess of diarrhea all around my property. I hate seeing him like this. I want him to hold his weight. Though his temperament and drive has not been affected. He is still the high energy and driven dog that he has been since a pup. He comes from champion schutzhund lines and has shown his lineage since a pup.

If any German Shepherd breeders or owners can be of solid help, please i am open....

Thank you,

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