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Considering a GSD as our next family member?

Hi everyone!
We are a family of 4 and have been looking for the right addition to our family for a very long time.
We already own a dog who is a Cavalier King Charles of 9 1/2 years old. He is well trained and is very well behaved, we do not allow any kind of bad behaviour and he has boundaries like hes not allowed going up on the sofa without asking (and even then its not every time), no snatching food etc. I thought id mention this as people get the wrong impression about owning a smaller dog thinking that we have one because it looks cute and is small but that isnt that case :lol: . We bought our Cav because we had never had a dog prior to him and we wanted something we knew would be bomb proof and bomb proof he is!

We have a decent amount of experience with dogs in general as we have fostered over 5 dogs in our time (One collie, one Cavalier King Charles cross, one German Pointer, Labrador and 2 greyhounds! Not all at the same time ) and all got along great with us and have all since moved onto new homes. I myself also do the occasional bits of work for a greyhound rescue local to me where I walk a few Greyhounds.

So as far as experience, thats about as much as we have currently. Would this be enough to handle a GSD? We arent shy of training or anything like that, we are happy to learn as we did with our Cavalier.

As for being around during the day, I my self am home educated (I'm 17 and currently training to become a web developer so Im always around at home with time for plenty of walks and such like) and my Mom is also around for the whole day. We will be able to take it out for several walks during the day just fine, that doesnt worry us as we have lots of great parks local to us and a decent walk we can do from the door.

This is the only issue I can personally spot from my POV. What I am worried about is our current dogs conditions... Im not sure if any of you are aware of a neurological condition called: Syringomyelia? Its a condition where the brain is too big for the skull and it leaks fluids onto the spinal chord causing false signals of pain. He has late onset SM/CM and was only diagnosed in December of 2013 and he is now on medication which has made him back to normal and comfortable (Obviously when this is no longer the case we will do the kindest thing as that wouldnt be fair any other way). We were told by the neurologist who diagnosed him that it probably wouldnt be the SM/CM that would carry him off, rather another health condition that would be more likely to but because SM/CM is so unpredictable we really cant be sure.

As of right now, hes perfectly comfortable and has a 100% normal life. His condition doesnt get in his way in any way and I think it might be a new lease of life for him to have a new family member as the last time we fostered (which was a Greyhound) it went very well. So im not sure what your POV is on that? Like said, he has got on fine with his condition and another dog before.

Do you think a GSD would be a suitable decision providing we train it right and socialise it enough? We plan on giving it plenty of activity, as much as it needs.

Any input would be most welcome
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