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Nipping and Possible Agression?

Hello, everyone! I'm relatively new to this forum :-).

I have 1 GSD who will be 1 yo on the 4th of July. I absolutely love him. But lately I've had some problems and am not sure how to go about helping him. I also have one Cocker Spaniel, she will be 3yo this October, and a new kitty we recently adopted. I'll explain the problems one by one, although I'm sure they're related.

1) He usually gets along GREAT with Tita (Cocker Spaniel). But sometimes, when my husband or I go outside (backyard) to get the laundry (our washer and dryer our outside in a little shed type thing), he starts trying to nip her neck (it seems playful), Tita hates that, she reacts, and they start a fight. Is it jealousy? What is it? I can't seem to understand it. We take them out both for walks, and don't have this problem. They ONLY fight under those circumstances. They don't fight over food, they play with each other, Gardel (GSD) cuddles up with Tita when it's cold out. I just don't get it...

2) Everytime someone comes in to our house, he kind of nips at their heels and sometimes even their hands, and he jumps up. This might be because lately we haven't been able to spend that much time with him (we're sort of going through a family crisis, and are having a hard time giving him the attention we used to give him). Could this be the reason? Or is he just nippy?

3) I go out running with Gardel, but have problems when other dogs walk by. This happens when I go out on walks as well. He goes CRAZY. He starts kind of lunging at them, and does like a high pitched cry/bark. I think he's a bit of a Nervous Nellie, or something, but I just don't know how to help him!! This one time a lab puppy came up to him, he just looked at him, and Gardel suddenly lightly nipped him!!

4) I don't know how to help him bond with the new Kitty. Tita had no problems. A bit resistant at first, but now they get along. Gardel just seems like he wants to eat him, and also lunges at the kitty,

I hope I'm giving enough info!! I really want to help my dog, but don't know how to go about it!! I've had a GSDs before, and other dogs, but I didn't have to deal with these problems.

Any help is appreciated!! THANK YOU!!
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