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my boy diesel
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the veterinarian dr becker recommends neuter for aggression issues so there must be something to it
how about testicular cancer? yes it happens in older intact males
tumors on the anus or perianal adenomas

Perianal adenomas are small growths in the muscle around the anus. If not removed when small, they grow until they break through the skin, get infected, smell bad and cause a great deal of discomfort to the dog. While perianal adenomas initially are benign, some progress into highly malignant cancers.

Perianal adenomas can be treated by surgical excision or cryosurgery (frozen with liquid nitrogen). If the dog is neutered at the time of surgery, the tumors almost never return. If not neutered, the tumors almost always return. It is extremely rare for a female or a neutered male to have a Perianal adenoma.
Why neutering Male dogs is important

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