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I always say it’s a lifestyle decision more than a dog decision. You need to figure out what you want to do with your dog, and how keeping him intact, or her intact will affect that. If you like to go to places where your dog is off-leash with other dogs, more than likely you’ll need to neuter. If you take your dog or plan on taking your dog to daycare…you’ll need to neuter.

It’s not super difficult to keep your dog contained, my dog doesn’t jump a 4 foot fence to wander when/if he smells a female in heat. But when I walk him, I can definitely see the difference in his behavior when a female in heat is in the neighborhood. It’s also quite difficult to get through to him when a female in heat is within 100 feet of him, the only choice is basically physical restraint and then leaving the area.

I’ve heard a lot of horror stories when you have a female and a male intact and the female goes through a heat. Like…doors and walls being broken through. So that’s not something I’d like to put up with. At the same time, I also hate to crate and rotate and don’t need to deal with that for 2 months out of the year. I like that my dogs can be free around the house to do whatever whenever they want and there is no risk of a tie and then whelping a litter of puppies. I like that I can let both my dogs out into the yard in the morning when I’m half awake, and at night when I come home from a night out and am half asleep. There are no worries.

If not clear, I have an intact male, and a spayed female.
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