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Exclamation 6 month old male GSD limping and lethargic. Please Help.

Tuesday evening our 6 month old pup Circa started favoring his back left leg. By yesterday evening he wouldn't put any weight on it.

There is someone home with Circa almost always. He might be alone for an hour, tops, a day. Even then, he is in a crate. He is never alone outside, as we don't have a properly fenced in yard.

I say this because we have noticed absolutely no trauma happen to him, but he is limping and in pain.

I think it is worth note that he has just had his first real teething round this past week. With that he has been lethargic, super drooly and you can not touch near his mouth without him wincing or yelping. I think that all this is normal, but covering all information here.

He also just had a very wicked growth spurt, and were finding it hard to help him gain weight. He is fed large puppy wellness( vet recommended 4 cups a day) and a half a can of wet food each day. He is very tall, but skinny. At the emergency vet yesterday we weighed just 41lb.

We did take him to the emergency vet last night because he was whimpering when he walked. She jumped right away to a torn ACL before even looking at his leg. Told us we need x-rays of both back legs, full blood work up and possibly more specialized blood tests.

I think she was just trying to take us to the cleaners. We told her we would like to see our regular vet for another opinion. She gave Circa a pain shot and sent us home with pain killers for him.

I called the regular vet this morning, but they cant get him in until Monday morning. As of this morning he wasn't whimpering when moving, but is still limping.

Please, if anyone has experience with this and can give me advise, or a little peace of mind id be very grateful. We are taking him to our family vet on Monday, but im so worried for our pup.
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