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Winston the mixed breed

When i signed papers for Winston at the shelter, he was listed as a straight boxer/german shepherd mix. But i can't help wonder if there's something else in the mix because he seems absolutely enormous to be just those two breeds. At four months, he weighed in at 40.6 lbs at the vet the other day. When he first came home, he was 20lbs [at two months] which was actually quite a bit underweight for him considering almost every single rib was showing and his hips were getting ready to. He is definitely part boxer, a dead giveaway considering his habit of boxing with his paws, and the german shepherd is obvious when you see him. But i just can't help but wonder if there's something else in the mix...perhaps mastiff of some kind? I'm considering getting a DNA test for him, just to be sure but..perhaps you all can help me.

[At the shelter our first meeting]

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