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house breaking help

I recently (within last 5 weeks) rescued a 10 month old GSD.
she was still with the breeder( a friend of mines sister) who died unexpectedly.
Madison spent almost a week in her kennel till someone realized my friends sister passed. she has adapted to her new home but having a difficult time with house breaking.
we currently have a 2 year old female GSD that I rescued when she was 4 months old and had her house broken within 3 weeks and she is a gem.

Both dogs get along well, the new puppy is very cautious I suspect she had little interaction with humans other than the breeder. she takes a while to "warm up"
to people once she does she is a loving pup.

my problem is she will out of no where cop a squat. she is crated, she goes directly from the crate to her spot she does her business and is rewarded. today out of nowhere she stood in front of me and urinated. mind you she was out 15 minutes prior and passed a large amount of urine not once but twice.
I displined her made a big stink that her behavior was wrong and she went right into her crate.

any ideas? if I cant brealk her of this I will be frced to find her a new home
my older GSD is a gem I dont want them getting into a "marking" war.
the older knows what the pup is doing is wrong, she moans and finds a place to stay far away she knows I am not happy!

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