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Emergency Evacuation Plan?

We are getting some pretty bad storms so I have lots of time to think without a tv I'm playing different scenarios in my head that would call for me getting out of the house and how I would get my animals out too. Right now I'm thinking tornadoes, lightning strike, and fire in general. With a tornado I would have a short amount of time to gather animals and squeeze everyone into the downstairs bathroom. A fire would be more difficult. I have trained the dogs to go to the back door if the smoke alarms go off and I could just open the door to get them out and gather them up after I get the cats. The cats are more difficult. I could probably grab some of them and open a window with the hopes they would escape, but I don't think I could grab all of them I have cat carriers that are easy to access, but that doesn't help if I can't catch them. Anyone else have an escape plan or any ideas to come up with a decent one?

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