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I don't think it is against the rules. But I could be wrong. I have a book, that probably would have it in it, but it is not with me right now.

I have people asking all the time, they just want a pet, they aren't worried about papers, could they get the dog cheaper without. But, why? It costs just as much to breed, whelp, and raise them. If you register the litter it is a fixed amount, plus a couple of buck per puppy. Why give $200 off for something that costs you $2?

The only answer is if you are selling them without declaring them if you have no papers, and you do not fill out a bill of sale, contract, and warranty, and the people pay cash, well then, you could fail to pay income tax on that one. And enough of those, and it may be worth it to sell them under the table so to speak.

But think about that for a moment. If you breeder is willing to cheat on his taxes, declare less than he actually made for the year, wouldn't they be willing to cheat on other things as well?

So if a breeder offered pups from the same litter at one price with papers and at another without papers, then most likely the breeder is a cheater. Why help someone cheat? A person who sells stuff under the table, and declares a very small income, is not only not paying sales and income taxes on the puppies, but they are probably fraudulently eligible for other government programs. Or, they could be keeping themselves below the radar by not declaring the total number of dogs sold, which could place them in another category of regulations. If you are producing 90 puppies per year, roughly 9-12 litters, which is a lot, here in Ohio, you would be under the Department of Agriculture regulations. If you only have a paper trail for 50 of those puppies, you could by pass the DOA.

If there is something wrong with the pup so it should not be bred, sell it on a Limited Registration. But buying from a breeder that sells with papers and without papers at different prices, is enabling people to steal from the government. And I may not like the government all that much, but I would rather trust my breeder, and if the breeder is lying and cheating in one area, they are lying and cheating in others.

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