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Today was his first experience with bones and he didn't seem to be gulping at all. He took about 30-40min to finish the quarter. He seemed to be taking his time with the bones and chewing really good. I don't know that that would be the case with smaller bones, but he seemed ok. Pumpkin has worked for him in the past, he had an enema the first day I had him due to something that happened before I got him and it helped him firm back up after that, I'll give it a try. He had a kibble meal of 3/4cup at around 0830 and the chicken quarter was given around 1230 or so. Was that too close together? I don't know if taking him completely off kibble is an option because he is babysat by my mother when I work and she is against raw and probably wouldn't be willing to feed it. Should I just stick to kibble then instead of trying to mix?
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